A Four-season Potager is the New Victory Garden

May 8, 2020
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Have you been thinking about starting a kitchen garden, the new victory garden? A place to grow delicious and nutritious food that is good for you and the planet?

Here’s the good news: Southern California is the ideal climate to organically grow delicious food for your family each season.

Our warm days and mild winters create an environment that keep our gardens productive almost every day of the year, offering daily harvests for mealtimes.

The Modern Potager Kitchen Garden

Unlike the victory gardens of the past, the Modern Potager is all about personal preferences, seasonal eating, and growing in smaller spaces. This means integrated garden areas with raised beds and container gardening, or maybe even a transformation of your yard into a garden paradise.

You can start small and dare to dream bigger.

Begin with plants for foods you love to eat and would like to try growing. Dedicate one day to tracking the sun in your space so you can find the best location to place a garden. Start small and grow as your garden does. One raised bed can lead to two (or three), growing your garden confidence, expanding your understanding of the seasons, and impacting the way you eat every day.

The Modern Potager is today’s victory garden. Unlike traditional gardens which revolve around the spring and summer harvests, a potager is designed to be enjoyed every season, expanding your growing options and matching the expectations of gardeners who enjoy reaping more of what they sow.

If your inner monologue is saying “This is great! But where do I start?”, I wrote an article discussing Five Things to Consider When Starting a Culinary Garden. If you’re still not 100% sure how you’ll turn your dream into reality, that’s where a garden coach can step in.

I can help you create a seasonal plan for starting a garden now that grows with you and your family’s needs. As a coach, I help clients understand the Southern California climate and the plants that grow well here. On a consultation, we tour your yard, discuss the best locations, and review the available sunlight and overall growing conditions. With a garden design and planting plot in hand, every client builds their garden skills and confidence to grow the amazing fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers within the space they have available.

The time is now to say yes to your dreams of creating a seasonal garden. To say yes to better health for body and mind. To say yes to growing your own and embracing the Garden to Table movement.

For all the History Lovers

Gardenary Founder and Author of Kitchen Garden Revival, Nicole Burke, has a great blog article highlighting the transformation of how we consume food today, moving from a rich history of growing food to the reshaping of society to buying all our food at the grocery store.

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