Ashley Irene, in the Heirloom Potager showcase garden
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If you love great food, spending time outdoors, and don’t mind a little dirt under your fingernails, then you should feel at home here.

Hi 👋 I’m Ashley Irene, the Heirloom Potager.

Culinary Garden Designer + Coach + Soil Advocate

And I’m so glad you’ve come to visit my little potager garden in the city.

I am passionate about gardening and an advocate for the #growlocal movement. This site is designed to be a helpful guide to turn your outdoor space into a flourishing seasonal kitchen garden. My gardening style is a blend of form and function, inspired by the bountiful rustic gardens of Europe. Read how I’ve been training to be a gardener my whole life (and didn’t realize it!).

As a certified Garden Designer, I have a wealth of training to help clients create a garden that matches their style, experience, and #gardengoals. Most importantly, I believe everyone has the ability to cultivate their own potager, a space to grow nutritious seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and (edible) flowers in one practical and beautiful place!

Heirloom Potager offers culinary garden design and coaching to seasoned and aspiring gardeners in Orange County and Los Angeles, California. From container planting to full-yard transformations, we can help you create the kitchen garden of your dreams.


heir·loom | /’erlo͞om/

A traditional variety of plant or breed of animal which is not associated with large-scale commercial agriculture.


pot·​a·​ger | ‘pätijə(r)

Potager is the French term for an ornamental kitchen garden. Often fruits, flowers (edible and non-edible), and herbs are planted with vegetables to enhance the garden’s beauty.

I love to grow heirloom plant varieties! For the taste, color, and diversity. I am fascinated by the rich and collective history of plants that our ancestors grew. There is something special about preserving history and passing on the knowledge, skills, and appreciation for gardening from one generation to the next, connecting our past and present with the future.

Learn more about why I grow heirlooms >>









Permaculture is the ethical foundation that incorporates whole-systems thinking and design principles into gardening and agriculture. This approach guides us to mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature and can applied to all aspects of the human relationship with planet Earth.

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