Ashley Irene, founder of Heirloom Potager standing in the Showcase Garden in Floral Park Santa Ana, CA | Photo by Nicole Kent. All rights reserved.
Heirloom Potager offers bespoke culinary garden + edible landscape design, turnkey installation, and full-service maintenance to visionaries with discerning palates in Southern California and beyond.

About Ashley Irene

I am an artist and my canvas are landscapes.

I believe that the most beautiful landscapes are created with edible plants rather than traditional ornamental varieties — or the very least the combination of the two. Landscapes should be able to work for us in a way that is not only truly beneficial for humans, but good for the environment.

As a certified Garden Designer from NYIAD and over 30 years of gardening experience, I have a wealth of training to help clients create a garden that matches their style, experience, and garden goals. Collaborating with a team of expert exterior craftsman, we transform outdoor spaces into flourishing potagers full of rare and flavorful heirloom varietals. My gardening aesthetic is a blend of form and function, inspired by timeless gardens found in European and Persian countries.

I’ve been a gardener my entire life. Growing up on my grandparents farm in Wisconsin, I was nurtured to grow food and create a harmonious relationship with the planet. Now, I envision a world where potagers take center stage and extend beyond raised beds or planters, but to encompass entire landscapes, growing into edible works of art that stimulate the senses and create a sense of inner peace.

So why heirlooms? For me, heirlooms are the most obvious connection to our history across all cultures. Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve needed to eat and the storied history of growing food links each of us with one another throughout time. When we grow for flavor, we’re also getting better nutrition, enjoyment, and creating community in our own neighborhoods.

Edible landscapes are the solution to the ongoing environmental concerns across the globe. My goal is to create a garden design that blends with its natural surround to establish a diverse ecosystem that works above and below the soil line.


heir·loom | /’erlo͞om/

A traditional variety of plant or breed of animal which is not associated with large-scale commercial agriculture.


pot·​a·​ger | ‘pätijə(r)

Potager is the French term for an ornamental kitchen garden. Often fruits, flowers (edible and non-edible), and herbs are planted with vegetables to enhance the garden’s beauty.

I love to grow heirloom plant varieties! For the taste, color, and diversity. I am fascinated by the rich and collective history of plants that our ancestors grew. There is something special about preserving history and passing on the knowledge, skills, and appreciation for gardening from one generation to the next, connecting our past and present with the future.

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Permaculture is the ethical foundation that incorporates whole-systems thinking and design principles into gardening and agriculture. This approach guides us to mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature and can applied to all aspects of the human relationship with planet Earth.

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