Tarragon Vinegar

2021-11-18T20:15:20-08:00November 18th, 2021|

Tarragon vinegar has a bright anise flavor and is delicious drizzled over sauteed + roasted vegetables, is a great base for a vinaigrette, and can be used to bring bright notes to savory pan sauces.

Caramelized Fennel Soup

2022-04-27T14:06:16-07:00October 25th, 2021|

It's time for soup season! Slowly caramelized fennel and sweet onions create a rich base for this blended soup seasoned with freshly dried herbs. Perfect for chilly nights or weekday lunch. You can easily adapt the recipe to be vegan by omitting the half and half.

Roasted Acorn Squash with Hummus, Kale and Quinoa

2022-04-22T19:16:12-07:00September 7th, 2021|

Acorn squash are a delicious and versatile source of fiber and potassium and easy to incorporate into your diet - especially when roasted. If you’ve picked some up at the farmers market or have some ready in the garden, you'll want to try this vegan friendly recipe that's perfect for a crowd or an intimate dinner.

Simple Swiss Chard Salad

2022-05-03T19:15:54-07:00June 1st, 2021|

When the fridge is bare but the garden is full. This simple Swiss Chard salad combines fresh greens with pantry staples to create a hearty and healthy salad perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

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